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Tuition Centre Covid Measures

Tuition Centre Covid Measures

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Private Tuition and Enrichment in stablisation Phase, we are constantly keeping up to date to adhere and ensure the safety of our students when they come to physical lessons in Achievers Dream.

With changes in Covid-19 measures, Achievers Dream will adhere to all rules and regulations.

However, vaccination-differentiated measures will not be the norm of our practice. As of January 2022, our class adopts an hybrid approach. If the class exceeds 20 students, half of our students will be engaged through online lessons, while the other half will attend in-person. This will be the procedure regardless of whether the student is vaccinated or not.

Achievers Dream hopes to deliver a place for students to learn Chemistry effectively, we take safe-distancing measures and the safety of our students as a priority. We will also update all parents and relevant parties if there is a need to change the lesson plan or curriculum.

To aid in monitoring Covid related measures, the following section will consist of several news media broadcasts. These links will summarise the general approach taken by all tuition centres, including our tuition centre.

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Achievers Dream specialises in Primary Science, Secondary Science O Level Chemistry Tuition, N & O Level Combined Chemistry Tuition, Pure/IP and JC A Level H2 Chemistry Tuition since 2013.

We have a specialised Chemistry Practical Lab in preparation for your chemistry practical examination, and our very own 360° Total Chemistry Learning System (based upon the best education research and teaching practices from the UK and Switzerland) with well-organized activities and carefully curated worksheets to prepare students better for their theory examination.

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