Is Singapore's FIRST & ONLY Premier Chemistry Tuition Centre (in Bukit Timah) With The 'Customised Accelerated Foundation Method™' & Equipped With a Chemistry Lab to Help Students Learn Chemistry Easier & Faster.

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Endorsed by 'Crazy Rich Asian' Actress, Tan Kheng Hua in AD's Chemistry Lab

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Why AD’s Specialised Chemistry Programme is

Trusted by 1600+ Parents & Students from Over 90+ Schools as the Chemistry Tuition Specialist

If you are looking for a high-quality O Level Chemistry Tuition  Or  A Level Chemistry Tuition Or Hands-on Practical Lessons Or Lower Secondary Science Tuition for your child, You've landed on the right page!

To learn more about why 1 out of 2 students score A9 out of 10 students in AD students scored ‘A’ and ‘B’ for their Chemistry Examinations after taking Chemistry tuition from us!

These are some students from the many schools we have helped!

Secondary School (CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' School, Anglo-Chinese School, St. Joseph's Institution, School of Science and Technology, Methodist Girls' School & More)

Junior College (JPJC, HCI, RJC, ACJC, SAJC, VJC, NJC, TMJC, AJC, NYJC & many more!)

AD's Specialised Chemistry Programmes

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Lower Secondary Science Tuition

In AD (chemistry tuition centre in Singapore) , we conduct secondary chemistry tuition for Sec 1 and Sec 2 students (Max 12) teaching ahead of syllabus such that we can finish the syllabus by September and start doing revision for all 3 sciences (Biology, Chemistry & Physics). We have our own curriculum team designing a challenging set of materials to teach students the correct answering technique and the application of exam questions.

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N & O Level Combined Chemistry Tuition

If you are looking for a good and best chemistry tuition in Singapore Consider what we are doing In AD, the combined and pure Chemistry students are separated in Sec 4 because of their different learning needs. Such initiatives allow us to cater to different groups of learners more effectively and help them gain more confidence and learn Chemistry easier.

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Pure/IP Chemistry Tuition

In AD, we put the fast learners in the Chemistry mastery class and the even faster learners in the Chemistry scholar class. This is to make sure that we can go at a teaching pace suitable for different learners and set higher order thinking questions to make good students even better! Our chemistry tuition centre will use materials carefully crafted by our curriculum team to help students prepare for school tests and national exams. We do not ask students to just do worksheets in class(like homework supervision). But, we teach them the accurate approach and answering technique to score in exam

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Chemistry Lab Practical Lessons

In AD, we are the first tuition centre to only teach Chemistry and own a fully-equipped Chemistry Lab to conduct hands-on practical lessons! Instead of only focusing on the theory aspect of Chemistry, we want to bring life to learning such that students can learn how to apply Chemistry concepts in real life! After seeking clearance from various Government agencies, we are proud to announce that we have such facilities to support your child's learning in the practical aspect.

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JC Chemistry Tuition

Many students shared that AD has the best jc chemistry tuition & h2 chemistry tuition in Singapore because we have the best chemistry tutors In AD, we conduct group JC Chemistry tuition / H2 Chemistry tuition for A level (JC 1 & JC 2) students. We also do IB chemistry tuition for students on IB programme. Learning Chemistry can be that simple because of the AD way of learning Chemistry. Many students commented that it is much easier to learn compared to before and wants to keep coming back because of the Chemistry lab! We have the track record of 95% of JC students improved since they joined.


Hear From 1600+ Parents & Students from Over 80+ Schools Who Trust AD

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4 Reasons Why 1600+ Students & Parents Chose AD Chemistry Tuition as Their Trusted Chemistry Specialist

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Proven Teaching Methodology


If you are wondering how HORDES of students Improved in AD, the UNIQUE TEACHING METHODOLOGY is the REASON.

After 11 years of fine-tuning, the 'Customised Accelerated Foundation Method™' has worked for Chemistry students from all parts of Singapore…

Want to know what's next on how your child can improve in Chemistry?

Chemistry Structured Curriculum (Week by Week Teaching Plan)

Not many tuition centres have a structured curriculum planned in advance to teach Chemistry. Many AD's parents commented that we are different because our worksheets are very well designed & the fact that AD has a full-time curriculum team (MOE teachers or Full-time tutors only) to work on selecting challenging questions for your kids (Arrange based on difficulty)…

(P.S if your child is ONLY rewriting notes or studying textbooks or memorising chemistry concepts, he/she will score C or below – proven by statistics)

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Fully - Equipped Chemistry Lab with Qualified Lab Technician

Not many tuition centres in Singapore are equipped with a Chemistry Lab. AD is the FIRST & ONLY in SG that focuses on Chemistry tuition and equipped with a chemistry lab with a qualified lab technician to maintain the chemicals and ensure the lab is safe for students™ learning!

AD can provide the most comprehensive service for Chemistry tuition or practical lab lessons!

MOE Teachers/Full-time Tutors

In Achievers Dream, our 'O' & 'A' level chemistry tuition centre in Singapore only hires MOE Teachers (NIE Trained) or full-time (Chemistry Degree/Master/PhD in Chemistry) chemistry tutors only. This is to ensure that they ‘know their stuff’ and deliver accurate facts to students. Also, we have our own curriculum to ensure the consistency of delivery. But, the final ingredient for students keeps coming back is... the training we give our teachers to ensure the lessons are exciting and engaging!


Quick Information about AD Chemistry Tuition

Achievers dream is the leading chemistry tuition centre in Singapore that specialises in teaching O level chemistry tuition & A level chemistry tuition… It provides O, A & h2 Chemistry tuition, jc Chemistry tuition. We have our students from nearby areas Jurong, Bukit Timah, Clementi, Choa Chu Kang to as far as Seng Kang, Hougang, Serangoon garden, Serangoon or Pasir Ris who comes to attend chemistry tuition classes and practical hands-on lesson and many more. So come, Join us and experience the difference in our teaching methods. For students taking combined chemistry or pure chemistry, we have a unique way to help them to improve. Learn more about our chemistry tutor in the next few tabs. Firstly, we design our own proprietary materials that are not available in the market - It helps chemistry students to shorten their learning curve and score better grades. Secondly, the ‘Customised Accelerated Foundation Method’ helps struggling students to build a powerful foundation such that they can start learning in school with ease and be more confident in the area of Chemistry. Proven to work for over 800+ students over the last 11 years… You can start with a 1-1 Diagnostic session<> or proceed to a trial (paid) class to learn more about our programme.