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Chemistry O Level Past Papers

Chemistry O Level Past Papers

We have consolidated various past papers for your preparation of Chemistry Examination

Chemistry Learning Resources

O-Level Chemistry covers a large volume of content in a short-span of time. To aid in learning and practice, Achievers Dream offers free learning modules and informational videos.

The free learning resources explores fundamental sections such as Atomic Structure and Chemical Bonding, subsequently, it proceeds to advanced sections such as Compounds and Reactions.
Familiarising yourself with the topics at hand before attempting past-year papers is crucial, it will allow you to answer the questions effectively.

Upon completing the learning modules, answer the past year papers to the best of your abilities. The links to free past year Chemistry O-Level Papers from 2005 to 2020 can be found in the links provided below.

Chemistry O-Level Past Year Papers

As a preview, attempt the 2020 Victoria Sec 4 Chemistry Prelim Paper 1 Analysis. This short assessment will allow you to gauge your standards and proceed accordingly.

Next, a free selection of past papers are available online in the Cambridge Official Website. 

Other options for past papers can be found here.


Advices and Tips

Do note that while these online resources are readily available, some may not have the answer sheets or explanations. If you find that the questions are too difficult or most of them were answered incorrectly, note down the mistakes.

Our tutors and teachers at The Achievers Dream will be able to aptly provide assistance to rectify content gaps or queries. Contact us so that we can guide you along, our specialisation in Chemistry will allow us to identify your strengths and weaknesses so that you can work on them accordingly.

Why AD Chemistry Tuition

Achievers Dream specialises in Primary Science, Secondary Science O Level Chemistry Tuition, N & O Level Combined Chemistry Tuition, Pure/IP and JC A Level H2 Chemistry Tuition since 2013.

We have a specialised Chemistry Practical Lab in preparation for your chemistry practical examination, and our very own 360° Total Chemistry Learning System (based upon the best education research and teaching practices from the UK and Switzerland) with well-organized activities and carefully curated worksheets to prepare students better for their theory examination.

Majority of students join us by word of mouth today and had seen an increase in their grade from C and below till an 'A' / 'B'. You can view our free learning resources gallery for your education level, and have a first-hand experience of our notes and what to expect.