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More than 2400+ students enrolled that came from different schools.

Why We Develop The

AD Bespoke Achievers Portal™

In one of our regular feedback sessions, some AD students shared their wish list on what they would like to see at AD.


Wish 01

86.2% of Students want to retain 100% of information taught in class

Wish 02

91.1% of Students want to re-cap prior lessons taught nearer to exams

Wish 03

99.8% of students want to be equipped with the tools to score better in exams to enter their desired school

Why We Create AD PORTAL

This is not helping…. When there is an existing learning gap from earlier topics learnt… And there is an ongoing demand to keep up with newer topics taught by the school where the vicious cycle gets wider and wider!

While it is challenging to create an e-portal that is customised to students’ learning needs, AD believes in providing the most complete and comprehensive support for all students.

And that’s why we created the AD Bespoke Achievers e-Portal to help your child achieve Chemistry Success in the shortest time possible!

AD Invested Precious Resources To Make

AD Bespoke Achievers Portal™ A Reality

This is how much it costs to set up and keep the AD Chemistry Learning Portal running:

$600+ Monthly

Customized AD Platform

$500+ Monthly

Zoom Cloud Recording + Online Platform

$2500+ Monthly

Full-time staff to download and upload lessons into AD Portal to ensure it runs smoothly

$3000+ Monthly

Full-time teacher to create interesting learning content for students



But just for AD students, the portal is provided


... On Top of Your Child's Weekly LIVE Classes!

So before we make it a permanent feature in AD, we want to make sure...

Students used them

Ensure we have sufficient students to cover the investment made for the AD Bespoke Achievers Portal™

What We Are Doing

So In 2020, we conducted a pilot test for close to 190 students and the results were amazing.

On average, students login 19X in the entire year & they are especially active nearer to the exam period (March/October) Period. The improvements AD students achieved before and after the implementation of AD Bespoke Achievers Portal™ is also significant!

Students shared that it is way easier to recap lessons at the convenience of their homes. It also encourages them to be more independent when it comes to taking charge of their own studies. Then you will ask, how does AD Bespoke Achievers Portal™ look like in action?

What's Inside

Here's a Sneak Preview Of
AD Bespoke Achievers Portal™

Download a Sample Concept PDF for FREE NOW


In the entire chapter, we made it a point to break it down to concept by concept level such that students can zoom in on the particular concepts that they need the most help with.

Thereafter, we will have an experienced teacher explain the concept step-by-step to ensure the learning process is delivered to students in a meticulous manner.

And these will help them to secure point by point and eventually score their desired score they are working hard for!


Broken Down to Concept-by-Concept


Taught Meticulously in a Step-by-Step Manner


Secure Point-by-Point & Score Better Marks!

With AD Bespoke Achievers
Portal™, Your Child Can:

Travel to learn? Learn Chemistry concepts anywhere, anytime at the convenience of your home!

Mode of learning? compatible with all devices (mobile phone / laptop / desktop)

Strengthen chemistry fundamentals by? Reinforce learning to avoid making the same mistakes over and over again

Play & Stop button to rewind the important points covered by AD Teachers!

Here's How Your Child Can Score 100% For Practical In AD

We did not forget about the practical component too (Which accounts 20% of the exams)

Step 01

Attend lab lessons in AD (NEA-Approved Chemistry Lab)

Step 02

Re-watch the video in AD learning portal before exam to recap the important points

Step 03

Ace your practical (20% of syllabus)

We Have Added A Feature That Can Benefit The Students

Our teachers have also painstakingly taken videos of commonly made mistakes in the practical lab such that students are able to refer to these videos nearer to exams.

We did all these to ensure students secure 20% of the syllabus and score A in Chemistry.

On top of the usual Zoom recordings from what we see, we have also prepared a library of 'Bonus' videos which includes the lab videos above and the TYS solutions.

Specially recorded and broken down to a question by question basis (bite-sized) for students to absorb For students to recap the lesson taught after class

Learn more about AD Chemistry classes by clicking here if you like what you've seen so far 🙂

PS. You can take a look at the Chemistry learning videos prepared by our Chemistry Specialist Team 🙂 You can also subscribe to AD's Youtube Channel if you do not want to miss any new episodes. 🙂

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