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Key Features In AD+


AD Signature Diagnostic Test Analytics

Beating the bell curve starts with knowing where you stand EXACTLY. After conducting more than 2000 diagnostic tests over the years, we have the data to know what a child needs.

Instant Step-By-Step Solutions

It can be frustrating when you have to wait for answers when you want to learn. With both written explanations and video solutions provided, no one can stop you from achieving your desired grades.

Personalized AI Expert Study Plan

After attempting the Diagnostic Test, the A.I. expert will construct the optimal study plan for you based on your learning gaps and how much time you have left till your examinations.

Stop the guesswork and leave it to technology to know what you need.

Concept Videos to Fill Learning Gap

We got you covered. There will be concepts that you need help in. We’ve listed out the entire syllabus out and shoot every single concepts that you need.

Auto Generation of Worksheets Based on What you Need

No need to figure out what’s next with AD⁺ auto-generate button. With the click of a button, a new worksheet will be generated base on what learning checkpoint you need.

Time Tracker

Want to know how long you spend on each question? With AD⁺, this data will be tracked as well to let you know what’s your speed like compared to the average. It might be time to speed up!

Learner Type Assessment

Your main mode of learning is the best way for you to learn. After this assessment, the AI will know what sort of concepts to feed you!

Here’s How AD⁺ Help Chemistry Students To Score Distinction

  • Diagnostic Test

    Complete a Short or Detailed Diagnostic Test on AD⁺

  • AD Bell Curve

    Benchmark Your Performance with AD Bell Curve & Pinpoint Your Exact Start Point with AD⁺ A.I.

  • Distinction Plan

    Access a FULL suite of learning resources tailored to your Distinction Plan by AD⁺ A.I. based on YOUR A.I.-predicted learning speed

  • AD+ Instant Solutions

    Review your response & learn immediately with AD⁺ Instant Solutions

  • AD+ AI Worksheet

    Develop a Full understanding through AD⁺ AI Closed Learning Loop with Auto-Generated Worksheets

Student Testimonials

What Our Students Say About AD⁺

We have achieved major milestones in teaching chemistry students and can now proudly claim that we're among the top 3 most innovative education startups in Singapore.


Ai Fangyi

Clementi Town Secondary School
D7 to A2

The platform provides very comprehensive answers for me to understand my mistakes and the concept that are tested for each question. I love the platform and it helped in my revision. Thanks, AD ⁺


Justin Wang

Commonwealth Secondary School
D7 to A2

AD⁺ pinpoints exactly where I need to work on when there are so many concepts in Chemistry. I need someone to tell me what I need and I’m glad AD⁺ did this for me! Best App Ever!


Sayed Mohammad Tahsin

Kranji Secondary School
E8 to A1

There is 360 AI learning that feels like the teacher is inside the platform with accurate summaries and feedback. Keep track of my weak topics and clarify doubts by using all resources in the AD⁺ system. What a smarter way to learn Chemistry! I’m impressed!


Ignatius Lim Hong Kai

West Spring Secondary School
C6 to A1

AD⁺ is very targeted and is very informative on what I did wrong. And the instant solutions gave me the learning points I need to improve. I’m excited about what this AD⁺ can do for future students of Achievers Dream!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Achievers Dream AI-Powered Tool (AD⁺) combines the use of modern technology with over 200+ years of EXPERT Chemistry teaching experience to deliver the most effective learning strategies for your child.

With millions of data points accumulated across the years, AD⁺ predicts your child's EXACT Learning Curve on different topics with just a single Diagnostic Test.

We then offer a complete package of Video Lessons, Quizzes and Review videos so your child wastes NO time on concepts that he already knows.

We offer a FREE Diagnostic Test experience with DETAILED analysis and a comprehensive question review session. It is currently only available for AD students only. Otherwise, you can use the A.I. App for free by subscribing to AD

Permanent Online Classes.

You can upgrade your plan anytime! As you are already a registered user, all previous data will be carried over and no new diagnostic test is required.

We have a comprehensive library of questions spanning the Chemistry TYS as well as hand-picked past year papers. Questions are categorised by Beginner, Intermediate and Hard so your child can build up a solid foundation and conquer Chemistry!

AD⁺ offers a wide selection of MCQ as well as Chemical Equation questions of varying difficulties and topics.

Our team at AD+ is committed to making your learning experience better. You will be able to attempt Structured Response questions and have your answers marked within 48 hours.

Our upcoming plans also include allowing dot-and-cross and organic structure diagram questions through our specialized interface.


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