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Lower Secondary Science Tuition

Lower Secondary Science Tuition

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Where to find tuition for lower secondary school students?

While searching for a list of tuition centres, it is easy to be confused by the variety of options and teaching methods. At Achievers Dream, we recommend to search for a tuition centre that suits your preferences and studying level.

The following are some key areas that will inform parents and students seeking for lower secondary science tuition.


3 Main Areas of Study

Our Lower Secondary Science (LSS) program covers all 3 subjects, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Teaching purposes and content.

Our Lower Secondary Science (LSS) program covers all 3 subjects, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Our Physics Syllabus enriches students to see Science solving many of our global challenges, e.g. electricity and light and lenses in Sec 2.

Our Chemistry Syllabus offers are more related to our daily life through practical classes to induct students to learn better about acids and introduces students to the world of atoms and chemical bonding.

Our Biology Syllabus covers more grounds in digestion, and transport. We ensure students do well in all these 3 subjects.


Streamlined Curriculum following MOE Syllabus

Since 2021, all secondary schools Secondary 1 Sciences would be following a streamlined curriculum, thus, you do not have to worry about misalignment in the sequence of topics taught for our Sec 1 and Sec 2 Science Tuition.

Familiarity with Syllabuses

Memorisation has become a small part of the new Sec 1 Science Syllabus. Although we teach students memorisation techniques, we are skilled in helping students understand concepts and apply effectively, improving their judgement call and calling for evidence, to evaluate assessments critically.

Is your child performing poorly in Sec 1 Sciences?

The goal of our Sec 1 Science Tuition is to help students transit from Primary 6 students effectively to secondary studies. Many students are shocked when they receive their first semester results in Year 1. “Why do I get about 40- 50 marks when I consistently get over 95 marks in primary 6? Is it because the secondary school syllabus is much more challenging than expected?” Is your child in a ‘cultural shock’ juggling CCA and academics? The Sec 1 Science Tuition Program inducts students to score and ace the Sec 1 Science by developing a mindset aimed as both a refreshing and A Levels-oriented program to help students understand the demands of the lower secondary syllabus and how to address it

Critical Thinking for O Level / IP Foundation

As experienced teachers coaching upper secondary science students, we understand the pain points experienced by students who struggle. This is the reason why we start a lower secondary science program, to teach students to discern, weigh alternatives and evaluate claims and ideas critically, based on logical scientific evidence and arguments, for a solid foundation. Afterall, we aim to see students soar with flying colours for their graduation to excellent tertiary education choices.

Engaging Lessons

PSLE science in the Sec 1 science syllabus is divided into 3 subjects. Students may find it challenging coping with 3 subjects. Our tutors are engaging students’ interests so that they are piqued to learn. We share interesting stories and applications of sciences in our daily lives to help students appreciate the sciences better.

Sec 1 Science Tuition Program

At Achievers Dream Sec 1 Science tuition, we will impart examination tips. Additionally, we teach soft skills such as effective study habits while covering foundational courses in lab safety, chemistry, physics and biology.

Ultimately, our goal is to develop an efficient introductory course and help students cope with the stress of transiting to a new syllabus of answering techniques and critical thinking tested for Secondary Sciences, to excel in it as a preparatory course for the demands of the upper secondary sciences.

How to help your child perform for Sec 2 Sciences?

With more responsibilities from CCAs and distractions from mobile devices, our common observation among students who struggle in Sec 2 Sciences is their inability to focus. Our Sec 2 Science Program is geared to provide an effective guide to help students command and recap concepts quickly and ground foundation ready for the O levels. We know what it is like for our new upper secondary school students who struggle through our lesson delivery of academics, and mentorship. Hence, we aim to develop strengths in students to deliver disciplined tasks like homework submission and evaluating key questions quickly and solve them efficaciously.

Sec 2 Science Tuition Program

Our Sec 2 Science Tuition Program serves as an excellent bridging program, to engage confidently in higher level Physics, Chemistry and Biology, while being grounded in the knowledge of Science in daily life, society and the environment. The inspiration for science is seen in the testament when a good proportion of students see Science-related jobs as a viable career choice to serve the good of society.

Lower Secondary Science Pedagogy at The Achievers Dream

Lower Secondary Science is taught in a modular system, where the school focus on Chemistry, Physics and Biology respectively on each term.  As mentioned, from 2021, all secondary schools Secondary 1 Sciences would be following a streamlined curriculum and thus you do not have to worry about misalignment in the sequence of topics taught for our Sec 1 and Sec 2 Science Tuition. As such, our lower secondary science tuition is effective and helpful to help students without the fear studying for topics not in sync with the topics they are taught in school

For additional materials taught in IP syllabuses, we would try to match the topics to the best we can according to class demography.