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Study Guide For Studying O Level Chemistry

Study Guide For Studying O Level Chemistry

The chemistry course can be studied in a variety of methods. These techniques, which can differ from person to person, typically have some guidelines or standards. A few study suggestions of ours will help you achieve success during the o-level chemistry exam and it will allow you to easily understand advanced chemistry later on.

Find a way to enjoy  chemistry

First and foremost, like in any other field, studying with joy would lead you to significant success. Therefore, you should find a way to like this course before you begin studying chemistry. For instance, you may think of the wonders produced by unusual chemical combinations, or you could pique your interest in chemistry by viewing tv series or films about the subject. After you raise your interest, chemistry can be learned more quickly and effectively.

Learn the Subject Topics and their Content

It is a good idea to review the syllabus before the lesson. The subject you will learn during the class can be understood more fully if you have prior knowledge about it. You do not need to try to learn all the content of the subject on your own at once. All you need to do is get the basics. This will make it easier for you to grasp the more difficult concepts that the teacher will cover in class.

Take notes during and after the class

Taking notes enables "active involvement," which is a key element of learning. As a result, it is possible to stay alert and pay attention to the subject being learned. On the other hand, the ability to take notes enables you to concentrate actively on the subject and transfer the knowledge you already have to paper. Taking notes and rearranging them also prevents forgetting, which is the worst enemy of learning.

Arrange your study place

The space where you are studying must be tidy and free of any distractions. For instance, it would be better if the TV and computer aren't there. Make sure there is only the appropriate tab open if you decide to study from a computer.

You may also become distracted if your space is overcrowded or if there are too many posters hanging on the walls.

Unnecessary stuff should not be placed on the desk while you’re studying. Take out your other textbooks and make sure that there are only relevant materials for o-level chemistry.

Self-write the keywords and pin them somewhere you can see them.

Chemistry course success depends on a thorough understanding of all terminology, formulas, and concepts. To keep these in mind, you can write them on post-it papers and hang them on various parts of your desk.The more these catch your eye, the faster you will memorize them.

Ask for assistance  in case of you are having trouble in understanding  o-level chemistry

It can be helpful to have a friend or teacher who can provide a new perspective on a topic if you've tried for hours and hours to understand it but still can't.


Finally, we recommend that you do your studies within a schedule and have a good sleep routine.  If you apply all these recommendations, we are sure that you will be successful in o-level chemistry. Good luck!