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How To Score Good Grade in O level Chemistry Exam

How to score good grade in O Level Chemistry Exam

Scoring high marks in O-level Chemistry Exams is a dream come an actual moment for any student. But, sometimes, this all seems too hard to excel. But, without the proper guidelines, chemistry is a piece of cake.

So, how to score a good score in O level chemistry exam? 


Well, this depends on several practices. And, some insightful hacks. Want to try them out?


Here, we prepared this section highlighting the nitty-gritty of the O-level chemistry exam and how to ace it. Follow the step-by-step guide, and you will be a pro.


Finish the Chapter Before the Teacher


A common practice, often suggested by adults. This style Seems like a joke to many students. But we got to believe this works as magically as a hack.


Go through the chapter before the class. Read the essential points and make clear and concise notes with them.


There is nothing to worry. At max, reading and pointing out the notes would take 30 minutes. But the knowledge you gather will keep you ahead in most cases.


Again, if you know beforehand, which your teacher will touch on the chapter the next day, you can revise the crucial points too. For example, the following chapter is about the molecular compound diagram; you should take note of the electronic configuration.


Prepare your Notes


Doesn't it look like a simple practice? But, still, it has a lot more to offer to your grades and future overall.


Listening to your teacher's lecture and sitting in the corner of the classroom is essential. But, still, it is passive learning. Therefore, when your hands run with your brain, the scribbling becomes the note itself and works for your better scores.


However, don't write each and everything your teacher says. It is a worse idea. Instead, it would help if you summarized the lecture's gist and then noted it down clearly and concisely.


Making notes is no less than an art. It ensures your creativity and, most importantly, the power of your brain.

The best vital things anyone can do to

But, don't be afraid if it gets messy. We know this makes the students reluctant, but finishing it out is all that's necessary.


Watch Chemistry Related YouTube Videos


Videos help the students to visualize. In addition, the videos effectively cover the things your teachers miss at the lectures.


Don't procrastinate or lag. Instead, stay focused while watching the video. As soon as you complete one video, you will understand how necessary it is to open a new dimension for you.


Several YouTube channels, for example, crash course and alt academy, help the students complete the entire O-level syllabus from A to Z. Subscribe to those channels and watch the whole playlist. Indeed, those channels will benefit you.


Study in Groups


Group studies are often mandatory when you want to learn outside the box (or outside the book). Studying in a group clears many concepts and gives you a friendly environment to strive.


Besides, in a friend circle, you can take the lead and clear the concepts of the other peers. This method, too, clears out the chapter for you and makes it crystal clear.



To score straight As, you can follow this guide for any subject. Hopefully, you will not be disappointed. Always remember, you get what you deserve.


Best of luck with the exams!