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Story of Vanessa regarding Achievers Dream Chemistry Tuition

Story Of Vanessa On Achievers Dream Chemistry Tuition

Guys, today we would like you to meet Vanessa. Vanessa is a student at Zhenghua Secondary School and she wants to share her story with awesome students like you.

She always scored very badly in chemistry and she was constantly getting F9 for all her chemistry tests. She was often struggling in class. Like, her teacher would go through the topic very quickly in class and it was really hard for her to grab all the concepts and ideas of the lecture. But then one day, her mom saw Achievers Dream from Facebook, and she asked Vanessa to try out our chemistry tuition centre and let the time decide. She says while sharing her experience at Achievers Dream” The lesson is very engaging here and it’s easy to understand the topics and when I go back to school it’s much easier for me to understand what the teacher is saying”

After joining Achievers Dream Chemistry Tuition Centre, her grades started to improve and she got A1 which is, according to her, is a miracle because she always failed. She continues “The environment is not very tense, like, that it’s ok to make mistakes here”. According to her, you can ask the question any time and teacher will answer it politely.

At the end, she says “The reason why I could recommend all of you to join Achievers Dream Chemistry Tuition Centre is because it’s really very easy to understand the lesson as compared to school. And I actually don’t believe that so many students get A1 after coming here. Our Chemistry tuition teachers will not give up on you until you understand”

That was Vanessa’s life experience at Achiever’s Dream and one day you could be the one sharing your story like her. The key to success is understanding and we at Achievers Dream have this belief that if you are at Achievers Dream, we will put our best to land you at A1 in chemistry. The teachers support is immense here and the freedom it provides to every student for asking questions is remarkable. We believe that asking questions is the key for every student to learn faster and to get high grades in studies. Working hard is essential but when teachers become so helpful that they help you to the maximum, to achieve A1, it becomes very easy. Vanessa was a bad student but the thing she lacked was the confidence and clarity. She was a slow learner and she won the race finally as Achievers Dream Chemistry Tuition Centre understood her weaknesses and turned them into her strength.

Why AD Chemistry Tuition

Achievers Dream specialises in Primary Science, Secondary Science O Level Chemistry Tuition, N & O Level Combined Chemistry Tuition, Pure/IP and JC A Level H2 Chemistry Tuition since 2013.

We have a specialised Chemistry Practical Lab in preparation for your chemistry practical examination, and our very own 360° Total Chemistry Learning System (based upon the best education research and teaching practices from the UK and Switzerland) with well-organized activities and carefully curated worksheets to prepare students better for their theory examination.

Majority of students join us by word of mouth today and had seen an increase in their grade from C and below till an 'A' / 'B'. You can view our free learning resources gallery for your education level, and have a first-hand experience of our notes and what to expect.