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Story of Isaac Goh (F9 –> A1)

Chemistry Story Of Isaac Goh (F9 - A1)

Isaac is a student at Bukit Batok Secondary School, and he wants to share his O Level Chemistry Tuition story at Achievers Dream.
My Story: Isaac Goh

I was not a good student in school, but I always loved science. As my foundation of concepts was very weak in chemistry, I was always getting F9.

It was even to the point where even if when I studied, I still got F9, so I didn’t see the point of trying anymore. I was skeptical about joining tuition, and when my mum told me to try out Achievers Dream, I decided to give it a shot. After only two months of study at Achievers Dream, I got C6 in chemistry at school, and this boosted my morale for better results in future.

How this became Possible?

After four months of study at Achievers Dream, it helped to strengthen my foundation, and I was managed to cope well in a class where I got my first A1 after four months. With even more practice and study, I surprisingly topped the class in CA1.

So what’s different about Achievers Dream as compared to the others?

First of all, they have an excellent smart board, and the work-sheets they have are self-explanatory and have many notes. The questions in work sheet are compiled from many different schools in Singapore. So before the exams, all you need to do is to go through the notes, and you are all set.

Why Is Achievers Dream the Best place for Chemistry Students?

The best thing about Achievers Dream is that it targets the weakness of a student at first and then turns that weakness into his strength. My life story is a living proof of how Achievers Dream can change the life story of any student. As I said that my basic concepts and foundation of chemistry was very weak, the chemistry tutor targeted my weakness to make me confident first. So, they helped me step by step through every rough patch and hard time in study and tried to make it easier for me by giving different examples and mnemonics that helped me to memorise the things in a better way.

The teachers kept the optimum pace while teaching the topics so I could follow better.

Not only that, the tutors at Achievers Dream tried to go an extra-mile by addressing one-to-one learning strategy. This helped not only me but many other students in my class to develop their chemistry studying skills which brought huge success at the end.

When I found the way to study chemistry efficiently and realised what works best for me, I was happier than ever about my student life. I am so confident to say that studying chemistry is now fun to me and I enjoy exploring it. I would suggest every student just to give the Achievers Dream a chance to make your grades better, and you will see the change in weeks.

Great Job Achievers Dream!

Why AD Chemistry Tuition

Achievers Dream specialises in Primary Science, Secondary Science O Level Chemistry Tuition, N & O Level Combined Chemistry Tuition, Pure/IP and JC A Level H2 Chemistry Tuition since 2013.

We have a specialised Chemistry Practical Lab in preparation for your chemistry practical examination, and our very own 360° Total Chemistry Learning System (based upon the best education research and teaching practices from the UK and Switzerland) with well-organized activities and carefully curated worksheets to prepare students better for their theory examination.

Majority of students join us by word of mouth today and had seen an increase in their grade from C and below till an 'A' / 'B'. You can view our free learning resources gallery for your education level, and have a first-hand experience of our notes and what to expect.