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O Level Chemistry Tuition

O Level Chemistry Tuition

AD Unique method for O Level Chemistry Tuition

At Achievers Dream, we teach O level chemistry tuition in Singapore using the 'AD Unique Method' after SPECIALISING in teaching Chemistry for more than 12 years!.

In fact, AD is Singapore's FIRST & Only Chemistry School in Singapore to ONLY teach Chemistry and own an NEA-Approved Chemistry Lab (With a Lab technician with PhD)!

Introducing Our 'Multi-Sensory' Approach

Achievers Advantage Number #1: '360° Total O Level Chemistry Learning System™'

The '360° Total Chemistry Learning System™' is a step-by-step methodology for your child to learn O Level Chemistry Tuition effectively and systematically.

Is this method ONLY applicable to students who are labelled 'smart'?

Nope. In fact, any students can use The '360° Total Chemistry Learning System™' and see improvements in their results. We're glad to share that your child can finally understand his chemistry lessons and see improvements in the subject using the '360° Total Chemistry Learning System™'.

First and foremost, you will have to understand that Chemistry is unlike other subjects where you have topics not linked to the rest. (Take 'O' level Chemistry as an example, refer to the diagram below).

Can you see how the topics are all linked together?

If your child hasn't grasped Topic #4, then even if he puts in 100% effort to learn Topic #5 or #6, he will be facing a daunting uphill task.

Key Benefits of The '360° Total Chemistry Learning System™'

*Identify EXACTLY where your child needs to improve with our Signature Chemistry Strategy Session™ and thereafter get a customised action plan for your child to improve from our O Level Chemistry Tuition.

*Build a Powerful foundation in O Level Chemistry such that he will be able to understand the lessons in class and learn O Level Chemistry like learning A-B-C.

*Reduce the tendency of making common but deadly mistakes made by other students by 50% or even score full marks for Paper 2 explanation questions using The SAEC™ Formula in Accelerated Foundation Method.

*Learn the little-known 'weird trick', which is not taught by anyone else in the market that can potentially add 10 marks to your child's Chemistry exam when applied.

*Learn the highly guarded strategies used by top school students to keep Cambridge examiners highly interested in their examination scripts and give them an unfair advantage over the other students.

… and many other useful strategies to help your child improve O Level Chemistry .