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Chemistry Prelim Paper Analysis: Victoria School (Paper 1 – 2020)

2020 Victoria School Sec 4 Chemistry Prelim Paper 1 Analysis

In this chemistry tuition blog post, I’ll be sharing more on the 2020 Victoria School S4 Chemistry Prelim Paper 1 analysis.

And you’ll be surprised by the difficulty of this Chemistry paper and let’s go!

This paper is considered challenging and I would personally rate it 8/10!


Because it tests students on the deeper concepts and you’ll need to be very sure of your concepts in order to get it correct!

Download Question Paper 1 → [Paper] 2020 VS Sec 4 Chemistry Prelim Paper 1

Download Question Paper 2 →  [Paper] 2020 VS Sec 4 Chemistry Prelim Paper 2

Answer Key → [Answer] 2020 Sec 4 Prelim Paper 1 & 2 Answers

Answers will be uploaded here as well in time to come after the sharing session.

Let's dive into 3 specific questions that cover the following topics in this Chemistry Prelim Paper Analysis - Chemical bonding, Acid & Bases & Mole Concept for this paper analysis.

Source: Victoria School – 2020 S4 Prelim MCQ Q11
Q11: The diagrams below show the structures of diamond and graphene, made up of carbon atoms in different arrangements.


Which of the following shows the correct properties of diamond and graphene?

Source: Victoria School – 2020 S4 Prelim MCQ Q13

Q13: Which of the following statements correctly describes two strong acids, HX and H2Y, of the same concentration?

1. H2Y has a lower pH than HX.
2. The rate of production of carbon dioxide is faster for H2Y than HX when equal volumes of both acids are reacted with sodium carbonate.
3. More hydrogen gas is produced for HX than H2Y when equal volumes of both acids are reacted with excess magnesium.

A 1 and 2 only
B 1 and 3 only
C 2 and 3 only
D 1,2 and 3

Source: Victoria School – 2020 S4 Prelim MCQ Q17
Q17: Which of the following is numerically equal to the Avogadro constant?

A number of atoms in 1 mole of hydrogen gas, H2
B number of electrons in 1 mole of helium gas, He
C number of ions in 1 mole of sodium chloride, NaCl
D number of molecules in 1 mole of oxygen gas, O2

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