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What is a Good A Level Rank Point?

What is a Good A Level Rank Point?

Understanding A level rank point has always been troublesome. Unlike the conventional system, the subjects, exam patterns, and mark distribution always tend to have confusing rules. 

But, one understood them clearly can solve all the trouble for good. Plus, for any university admission purpose, you must clearly know the good A-level rank point.


Occasionally, graders do not succinctly devise A-level points for any grade. Instead, teachers decide the grades and adjacent marks after checking worldwide copies. After that, depending on the criteria, mean patterns and rates are fixed.


Okay, let us break this with an example. If for one exam, the average marks of the upper quartile are often allocated for the A grade. The students who excel at that point get an A* grade. Below the upper quartile, he inevitably gets a B grade.


On the other hand, A-level exams have two different curriculums - Edexcel and Cambridge. Both are prominently dominating the market. As a result, the grading system differs from type to type.


For instance, in Edexcel exams, subjects tend to have at least six units (or papers) and award an A grade for achieving 480 marks or higher out of 600. But A* is only possible when one gets above 90% in all the units. Tough competition!


Luckily, this hardship is lacking in the Cambridge curriculum., though the grade boundary for the CAIE exams is highly set. Thus, it's clear that both sides have their boons and banes.


Generally, an excellent A-level rank point is between 75 to 90 points. This point easily secures you from B to A* grade, the ultimate excelling point for students worldwide.


Are you still confused about the grading points? Then, here's the back-to-back and precise outline.


90 plus scores


If you have above 90 scores, you are a gem. Be ready for the myriads of golden opportunities waiting for your side. Don't fear to top universities. This score can also fulfill your scholarship and funding dreams if you are lucky enough.


88 to 90 scores


A high benchmark. Be sure to get into any top-tier university with any course module. Authorities would die to offer to fund such deserving students.


85 to 88 scores


A brilliant shot it is. The marks are not easy to achieve. Instead, it needs hours of work and study to gain those. All doors of opportunities are open for these students. Extra is the attractive portfolio they get.


80 to 85 scores


Perfect score. Most often, grade A lies in this score. An excellent competitive score for any university. Funding and other opportunities are also possible with other holistic measures.


70 to 80 scores


Typically this range follows grade A. Most often, this is the B grade. Again, though, A-level B grades are highly appreciable and never limit opportunities for the students.


60 to 70 scores


It is a below-average score. But, don't lose hope; this is not the worst grade. Instead, it is good and has high possibilities in the future if you work hard.