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Tips to Stop failing or Do better in school

Tips to stop failing or do better in school

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If your grades are not what you would like them to be, then you probably have to modify how you study! Studying the same way again and again expecting different results is INSANITY!


Effective study skills have to be applied in order for you to improve. Many of the students stuck at the stage of ‘one day I will do well’. They do not have a clear goal and strategy to achieve it. It is not enough to simply entertain the thought of studying; you have to actually do it.


Prior to even thinking about the process of studying, a schedule is required. If you do not have an agenda or plan for studying, you will not have any way of allocating your valuable time when the unexpected arises. It is up to you to learn how to produce an effective schedule that meets your demands, revise it if necessary and most importantly, abide by it.


The problem of when to study is vital. A great guideline is that studying should be carried out only when you're rested, alert, and have planned for it. Last minute studying just before a class is normally a waste of time.


The recommended time to study is to study before your peers do it. Do what the minority does, you will deserve what the minority has. The way to do it is to study ahead of your peers and seeing the same concept being taught is school for a second time! It will not only save time for you, your friends will be wondering why you are so good. The ego-boost that you receive, will make you to strive for better results.


Time is the most valuable resource a student has. Aim to work SMART instead of just working hard. I have seen students who work really smart, has tons of time to go out with friends, participate dance competition and achieve more than what their peers are doing.  Studying is important, but so is having fun. There are more productive things to do at the end of classes than visiting, daydreaming, or just plain goofing off. Use that time to study for that big test.



Steps you can take to stop failing or do better in school


  1. Can you study ahead of what your school is teaching?
  2. Can you do more than what your peers are doing?
  3. Can you create a plan and follow them through?

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