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Singapore University Ranking

Singapore University Ranking

Nanyang Technological University
After spending years studying and memorising notes, students become well-versed in academic routines and stringent curriculums. However, a significant choice remains, where do we go from here? And which university is the best? 

To University
An option for students is to proceed with further studies in a local university. Fret not, though "further studies" sounds intimidating, it is possible to make an informed decision. This article will introduce the most commonly heard universities, National University of Singapore (NUS), Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and Singapore Management University (SMU).

A Quick Introduction
Commonly named the "Big 3", each university boasts a population of over 30,000, coupled with a wide range of course offerings and specialisations.

National University of Singapore
Leading amongst the prestigious schools is the National University of Singapore (NUS).

National University of Singapore Ranking 
NUS is currently ranked 11th in the QS world rankings. NUS is also ranked 49 in the global ranking web of universities.

Located at the south-western part of Singapore, NUS adopts a cross-faculty approach. The University aims to equip students with necessary skills in their courses.

Some of the course specific rankings are as follows. The school is now ranked seventh in the world for engineering and technology broad subject area and sixth for civil engineering. Additionally, it’s also within the top 10 for social sciences & management.

Apart from course specialisations, the new models of approach of the university towards teaching and strategic partnerships also establish the school's position as a global standard university.

In general, students that are searching for a fulfilling and enjoyable experience are bound to consider NUS. The school fulfils the requirements of practical experience and academic rigour.

An unofficial strength of the university is the school's outstanding reputation. It is common to recognise NUS as the "best university" abroad and locally simply by its name. Hence, these benefits allow individuals to obtain recognition in future job prospects, though it is not the main factor for choices.

Nanyang Technological University
Rivalling the outstanding global reach of NUS is Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

Nanyang Technological University Ranking
NTU is currently ranked 12th in the QS world rankings. NTU is also ranked 84 in the global ranking web of universities.

Located at the western part of Singapore, NTU adopts a research-intensive approach to explore possibilities and expand on current research trends.

Some of the course specific ranks are as follows. The school is ranked global top five for the broad subject area of engineering & technology. Additionally, it is also ranked third for materials sciences.

Apart from course specialisations, the school is also known locally for differences in modules. For example, courses such as literature may be more deeply explored with foundational modules on Singapore literature in comparison to NUS.

In general, students that are sieving through tertiary study options will recall NTU as one of the main options. The university's architecture and structures such as the Hive, Chinese heritage Centre, or the ADM building are the forefront of the Universities facade.

The university also supports eco-friendly and sustainable options. Overall, NTU continues to climb up the ranks in recent years and it remains one of the options for further studies.

Singapore Management University
A new entry into the rankings of local universities is Singapore Management University (SMU).

Singapore Management University Ranking
SMU is currently ranked 511~520 in the QS world rankings, and ranked 797 in the global ranking web of universities.

Located at the downtown of Singapore, SMU adopts a seminar-style participatory approach, the university encourages students to participate and take initiatives to build fundamental business values.

Some of the course specific ranks are as follows. The school is ranked within the global top 100 for accounting, economics and business the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2018.

In comparison to NUS and NTU, SMU braves the frontier of business. The flair of the university is in its school culture and accessible location. To elaborate, the school is located within the business district, hence, facilities such as banking or financial institutions contribute to the business-like environment of the university.

In general, students that aspire to explore a business-oriented culture will thrive in SMU. The university cultivates talents and values every student's ability to present themselves.

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