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How AD Teaches O Level Chemistry Tuition

AD offers Singapore's most comprehensive O Level Chemistry Tuition program where your child has support for all 3 aspects of the Chemistry paper (1 - MCQ, 2 - Structured & 3 - Practical). 90.3% of our students scored 'A' and 'B' through our specially formulated Chemistry tuition programmes proven to work for thousands of students!


AD Curated Worksheets

Our O level chemistry notes consist of questions from the 40-year series and challenging prelim papers so that we can expose your child to all ways the questions can be tested historically. This prepares your child for all questions and eliminate surprises during the actual chemistry O Level examination.


Learning Checkpoint: AD Diagnostic Test

Without learning checkpoints & diagnostic test, we cannot gauge your child's progress. To ensure that your child is able to fully understand the concepts taught in AD and get immediate feedback from AD teachers, we place O Level students in a timed environment. We also pitch our Chemistry programme 1 level higher such that your child will learn more than what they need to know!


Coloured Summarised Chemistry Cheat sheets

Instead of having your child to write and rewrite notes for the lessons learnt, we have it covered by having summarised chemistry cheat sheets designed by professional designers. 3 rounds of intensive discussion with AD curriculum team are conducted on an annual basis to deliver straight to the point theories and frequently tested questions were conducted .

Here are 4 Reasons Why O Level Chemistry is Necessary

#1 - To Grow More Interest in Chemistry

Your child might not be interested in chemistry, making studying challenging. 

 It will enable your child to study with students and tutors who are passionate.

Their interactions with these individuals will gradually pique their interests in the subject. Learning chemistry will be easier and more interesting such that they are motivated to do well. As a result, your child will be able to handle your chemistry examination with minimal difficulties. Learning will start to appeal to you. You won't feel overwhelmed or frustrated by chemistry if you receive ongoing support and praise.

#2: Tuition Increases Your Child's Performance

For better grades in chemistry, do not ignore O-level chemistry tuition. Your child might study day and night but still fail their tests. He worked hard and obtained poor results that don't seem to match his efforts, leaving him feeling hopeless and severely disappointed. This indicates that you need someone to guide him in getting the right concepts.

While studying independently is undoubtedly admirable, your child will miss out on the support of experienced tutors. You will discover chemistry to be more accessible than ever. Your child'll inevitably obtain better grades on your chemistry examinations when that occurs. Improving your performance through O-level chemistry tuition will keep your attitude positive.

#3: Tuition Provides Important Resources that SAVE TIME!

Your child has ALOT of info to digest!

And sometimes, less is more! With AD curriculum team, your child's study tools will also aid him have a thorough exam preparation for the chemistry subject. Your child will also be able to have one-on-one attention from AD tutors. This helps them to learn their learning style and identify where their input is required. The availability of enough resources and study skills will boost your self-esteem and confidence.

#4: Tutors Have More Experience

Most tutors have been tutoring for many years and are experienced. 

Tutors understand the main areas prepare them well for their examinations. Qualified tutors identify their mistakes quickly and correct them to ensure they can tackle the Chemistry papers.

In conclusion, O-level chemistry tuition is necessary for every student. Tuition boosts your child's performance and interest in the subject. It also provides with resources required for examination preparation. To ensure that your child ACE the O-level chemistry, enroll in O-level chemistry tuition.

The Practical paper component makes up 20% of your child’s overall Chemistry marks

‘As’ for Chemistry, they MUST perform well in this component. However, this component is often overlooked by many students.


Achievers Dream Laboratory

We have even been awarded the Hazardous Substance (HS) permit by NEA so that your child can perform the widest range of Chemistry experiments which means Your child will have ALL their bases and experimental skills covered.

Government Approved (NEA) Chemistry Lab

Application For Hazardous Substances Permit (NEW)

The reason why there aren’t so many Chemistry laboratories in SG because it is not easy to get approval from Government agencies (6 different agencies).

NEA certification

However, Achievers Dream has passed these stringent criteria successfully.

We have even been awarded the Hazardous Substance (HS) permit by NEA so that your child can perform the widest range of Chemistry experiments which means they have ALL their bases and experimental skills covered. In addition, the license has to be renewed on an annual basis to ensure that AD complies with the regulations.

Here’s how your child will be supported in AD Lab

Discover the most effective way to master practical skills and theory lessons by adopting AD’s unique teaching methodology ‘360 Total Chemistry Learning System’ used by more than 2000+ students from 93+ Schools.

Have 4X more practice compared to their peers in school & be more confident handling the chemistry experiments.

Master the 6 Key Skills to ACE the Chemistry Practical lessons and conquer the 20% like an ‘A’ student


Now your child can be exposed to ALL different types of practical exams that may appear during the national exam in AD such that they can leave the exam hall feeling more confident!


Qualitative Analysis


Volumetric Analysis


Sources Of Error


Reporting of Observations


Inference Skills


Planning Component

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