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Chemistry Practical Lab Lessons

First & Only Chemistry Tuition Specialist with a Chemistry Practical Lab (With Qualified Lab Technician) to Teach Chemistry.

Dear Parents,

If you are looking for Chemistry Practical Lessons for your child, you are reading the RIGHT post. 

DID you know that Practical is 20% of the ENTIRE ‘O’ & ‘A’ Level Chemistry Syllabus? 


Many Students ‘threw’ this 20% away because they think that

1) They cannot do anything about preparing for Practical

2) There are no lab lessons out them to have more practice

3) They already have sufficient practice in school!


Not True!


Thankfully, you are reading this post and know that AD can provide help for Chemistry Lab Lessons.


AD is Singapore’s FIRST & ONLY Chemistry Specialist to teach Chemistry in the whole centre and have a Chemistry lab (with qualified lab technician) to make learning chemistry easier, faster and smarter.

In AD, We provide both 'O' level chemistry practical lessons and 'A' level chemistry practical lab lessons. 

We will be uploading more FREE practical videos (Youtube Channel) to benefit Chemistry students who like to learn chemistry practical lessons.


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