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The AD Chemistry Tuition Story

Mr. Jerald Lie

Achievers Dream — Singapore's First & Only Chemistry Specialist Equipped With a Chemistry Lab & The "Customised Accelerated Foundation Method™” To Help Students Learn Chemistry Faster & Easier.


Dear Parents/Students joining AD,

I'm Jerald Lie, Founder of Achievers Dream - The Chemistry Specialist. I’m also an author of the local best-selling book titled "The Secrets of High Achievers In Exams".

For the last 11 years, I'm proud to say that over 9 out of 10 students in AD scored 'A' or 'B' in their 'O' or 'A' Level Examinations.

My team (Consist of ex-MOE/NIE teachers, Full-time tutors with (Degree, Masters or even PhD in Chemistry) has amassed a wealth of experience, having coached more than 800+ 'O' & 'A' level Chemistry students including IP chemistry tuition with varying abilities from different secondary schools & JC! 

(We take in all kind of students regardless of their starting point!)

Since 2008, we've accumulated more than 30,000+ teaching hours and created a systematic approach to help students to achieve 1 to 6 grades improvement in Chemistry – some in 3 months or less – using our "Customised Accelerated Foundation Method™".

In fact, things weren't as rosy as you think... I used to be struggling in Chemistry...


My Journey From a Science Failure to a Chemistry Achiever

Is your child struggling to pass Chemistry?

I understand their frustrations as I was previously in their shoes...... In fact, worse off.

When I was in Primary 6, I was LAST in class and barely passing my Science...

It didn't help that some of my teachers were hardly encouraging -- saying things like "Jerald, you are not going to make it for the national exams at the rate you are going."

I thought of myself as a failure...

It was so bad that NO tuition centre wanted me in their centre because they said “It’s too late" and I needed "more personal attention".

BUT, all of them were right... I didn't do well for PSLE and ended up in my 6th choice.

Thereafter, with my confidence in Science - related hitting an all-time low, I continued to be stuck with borderline results, even failing some tests.


How I Discovered The 'Secret' To Scoring In 'O' & 'A' Level Chemistry...

As my doubts accumulated, the concepts in Chemistry became so confusing.

Re-reading my notes and re-doing assessment books was a futile attempt because no matter how hard I've tried, I just couldn’t pass Chemistry.

I pondered... and finally decided to approach my teacher for advice.

That’s where I accidentally stumbled upon 'the secret' to doing well in Chemistry.

"So what is the secret?" you may ask.

The secret is to pay more attention to my foundation.

Because you see...

Chemistry is unlike other subjects where you have topics not linked to the rest.

Instead, each chemistry topic is actually deeply linked to the next.

To illustrate my point, just see the diagram:


Can you see how the topics are all linked together?

Once my foundation is fixed...

... Fast forward to several months and years later, my Chemistry grades improved leaps and bounds from Cs to Bs, and finally a Distinction at 'O' levels... Even my peers and teachers were shocked!


I’ve never looked back ever since that day - persevered and eventually graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree from NUS.

Thus, I understand the frustrations that your child feels when trying to learn Chemistry and the awful feeling when they were being rejected by other tuition centres.

That's why I've made it my personal mission to reach out to students who are still struggling in Chemistry so that they can have a powerful foundation to ace Chemistry.


Transforming Chemistry 'Failures' to Chemistry Achievers

(The Customised Accelerated Foundation Method™)

With this thought utmost in my mind and heart, I have continually fine-tuned this teaching methodology over the 11 years and systemised it into The “ Customised Accelerated Foundation Method” - such that any student in Achievers Dream, including your child, can FINALLY find Chemistry to be a subject which is easy to understand.

And I know that this learning system works because this is exactly how I fixed my Chemistry grades and this is also the same framework Achievers Dream adopted to help 800+ of our students to achieve at least 2 or more grade improvements, with 9 out of 10 students scoring 'A' & 'B'!

This Is the Reason Why 1600+ Parents and Students Are Affirming That Achievers Dream - The Chemistry Specialist Is the Solution for Students Struggling in Chemistry.