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Chemistry is not just a subject, it is a whole new world of mesmerising reactions.

Sharing passion for this subject can be passed down through teaching. There are many teachers who feel passionate about this subject. Our tutors at The Achievers Dream are no different.

We have taught with passion through in-depth understanding and knowledge of chemistry because it is subject to a continuous sense of discovery. Chemistry is our profession and our passion that needs to be taught to create better futures in 2022. There are various strategies that were used to reach this goal:

Our Strategies 


We build interest through teaching by exploring many topics that deepen the listeners’ knowledge.
Firstly, we relate the particles of chemistry to everyday life examples. These snippets of experience draw students into an understanding of what a chemist was like.

Subsequently, we do experiments in the classroom to create enthusiasm among students. Simple, practical work such as salt preparation, litmus paper test, baking soda, and vinegar reaction. Experiments recreate the liveliness and experience instead of purely teaching book-related content.

This creates excitement and curiosity to see reactions. As an example, the toothpaste you use in the morning or the tablets you take are all works of the chemists. Building interest in chemistry begins with these relatable examples, it allows teachers and students alike to gain interest in exploring the subject more.


Having excellent classroom management skills and direct interaction with the listeners is important. This is especially applicable to chemistry tuition as the smaller classes allow us to determine the teaching style that suits students the best.

There have been various investigations to understand what fits the criteria of the learners. Instead of using the traditional approach, we taught using contextual approach towards chemistry instead of content approach. We trained by taking assessments to make sure their understanding is clear enough. But that doesn’t mean we used simple questions/answers instead, we assessed in such a way that they feel enthusiastic in answering the questions.


As we mentioned earlier, relating to the subject with everyday life experience helped in building passion. We know that there is so much pollution or diseases that are spread around the world. We are constantly reminded of the importance of creating with chemistry to save lives. In any case, chemistry is the most significant subject which can benefit society. The future exists only because chemists exist. Their passion for experimenting and creating chemicals can help society grow up in a healthy environment. With our belief in chemistry, we trust  that passion for Chemistry could help us hope for a polluted free future.


Our attitude determined how much we were passionate about this subject. Our enthusiasm while teaching accounts for the involvement of the listeners. Instead of talking about it, we demonstrated to make sure people have definite opinions about it. Our motivation to create a path that can ensure a good future for the generation and our emphasis on principal of the subject led to the decision for selecting Chemist as a future profession.


To conclude, we would say that we taught our passion for Chemistry because it helps in understanding the reactions happening in the world. Employment opportunities are available in the market in this field. A secure job means instead of a passion for reaching it.  The natural world can be valued and preserved if future generations take interest in this subject. Therefore, we taught Chemistry passionately to secure the future.

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