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Taking Chemistry to New Heights

Singapore’s First & Only Chemistry Super App By a Chemistry Specialised School

With the help of A.I (Artificial Intelligence) Technology, AD⁺ helps you to Learn Chemistry easily, efficiently, and effectively such that distinction is within your reach.

Achievers Dream Specialist Team strongly believes that ‘No Hardworking Students Should Struggle With Chemistry’.

With AD⁺, we are realising this belief & adding the most value to Chemistry students out there.

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Improving in Chemistry is

Straightforward & Simple With AD⁺

Tested & Proven by Thousands of Chemistry Students from 90+ Schools
Introducing Achievers Dream AI-Powered Tool (AD⁺) , a product of our AD Chemistry Curriculum team after 24 months of hard work, where we distil the best learning practices from coaching 1200+ students & 200+ years of teaching experience!
AD⁺ is not your normal Chemistry app. It is created to be a smart super Chemistry app with Technology. - Jerald Lie, Founder of Achievers Dream

Say Goodbye to the endless self-marking, mindless drilling of assessment books, or worse, frustration on what went wrong! With AD⁺, it can pinpoint EXACTLY where your child needs help and customized a distinction plan for your child to improve.

Key Features in AD⁺

Here’s How AD⁺ Help Chemistry Students To Score Distinction



Complete a Short or Detailed Diagnostic Test on AD⁺

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Benchmark Your Performance with AD Bell Curve & Pinpoint Your Exact Start Point
with AD⁺ AI



Access a FULL suite of learning resources tailored to your Distinction Plan by AD⁺ AI based on YOUR AI-predicted learning speed

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Review your response & learn immediately with AD⁺ Instant Solutions



Develop a Full understanding through AD⁺ AI Closed Learning Loop with Auto-Generated Worksheets

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