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Chemistry A Level Syllabus

Chemistry A Level Syllabus

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While Cambridge syllabus identifies 3 routes for the Chemistry A levels. Most students in Singapore will fall into one of the of 2 main streams. They are, AS-level Chemistry and H1/H2/H3 A-levels Chemistry.

To find out which papers you are taking, refer to the following diagram:

Find out more: Cambridge International AS & A Level Chemistry 9701

Content Structure

The following is the topic content summary for A Level Chemistry Syllabus 2022

For students taking the AS level Chemistry 
Physical chemistry
1 Atomic structure
2 Atoms, molecules and stoichiometry
3 Chemical bonding
4 States of matter
5 Chemical energetics
6 Electrochemistry
7 Equilibria
8 Reaction kinetics
Inorganic chemistry
9 The Periodic Table: chemical periodicity
10 Group 2
11 Group 17
12 Nitrogen and sulfur
Organic chemistry
13 An introduction to AS Level organic chemistry
14 Hydrocarbons
15 Halogen compounds
16 Hydroxy compounds
17 Carbonyl compounds
18 Carboxylic acids and derivatives
19 Nitrogen compounds
20 Polymerisation
21 Organic synthesis
22 Analytical techniques

For students taking A levels Chemistry
Physical chemistry
23 Chemical energetics
24 Electrochemistry
25 Equilibria
26 Reaction kinetics
Inorganic chemistry
27 Group 2
28 Chemistry of transition elements
Organic chemistry
29 An introduction to A Level organic chemistry
30 Hydrocarbons
31 Halogen compounds
32 Hydroxy compounds
33 Carboxylic acids and derivatives
34 Nitrogen compounds
35 Polymerisation
36 Organic synthesis
37 Analytical techniques
A Level candidates also study practical skills

Students that are taking the above chemistry A level syllabus are required to understand the topics and demonstrate knowledge on both content and practical applications.

The breakdown of the chemistry A level syllabus contents can be found in our free learning resources / Cambridge A Level Chemistry

Cambridge A Level Chemistry

Candidates take three components: Paper 1 and Paper 2 and either Paper 3 or Paper 4. Candidates will be eligible for grades A* to E.
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