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For Smart Parents & Students Who Know the Importance of
Paper 3: Practical For Scoring 'A' in Chemistry

You are at the RIGHT place!

The Practical paper component makes up 20% of your child’s overall Chemistry marks.

What this means is that if you want your child to achieve their ‘As’ for Chemistry, they MUST perform well in this component.

However, this component is often overlooked by many students.

Here are 3 Key Problems Faced by Students

Problem #1 - Tight Learning Schedule in School

School teachers are running on a tight schedule to complete the Chemistry syllabus.

Because of the limited time, the emphasis is usually on the theory portion. Little attention is paid to hands-on practice.

Many students share that they hardly do any lab work until the last minute.

And they feel that they have insufficient lab practice.

This is like asking your child to take the swimming examination with just a few training sessions.

Imagine how frightening that is for your child…

Problem #2: No Personalised Attention in School

Another concern feedback by students is that they are not able to get the attention of their school teacher when they need help in the experiment.

Most of the time, they are left to figure things out on their own, and many are unsure if they are even performing the correct techniques.

It’s no wonder your child will feel lost!

Problem #3: Labs are Closed Nearing the National Exams

To make things worse, the school lab will be out of bounds to all students from September onwards.

This is actually the crucial period leading up to the national exams where students will need the continual hands-on practical sessions so that they can keep up with their learning momentum.

But students have nowhere to turn to, leaving them feeling desperate and helpless.

These are the exact same problems shared by AD graduates - which your child is probably facing right now.

Which is why AD has built a Laboratory with state-of-the-art equipment to provide the best support for students who are serious in achieving A in Chemistry!

AD Laboratory Interior Tour

Government Approved Chemistry Lab

The reason why there aren’t so many Chemistry laboratories in SG is because it is not easy to get approval from Government agencies (6 different agencies).

However, Achievers Dream has passed these stringent criteria successfully.

We have even been awarded the Hazardous Substance (HS) permit by NEA so that your child can perform the widest range of Chemistry experiments which means they have ALL their bases and experimental skills covered.

Here’s how your child will be supported in AD Lab

  • Discover the most effective way to master practical skills and theory lessons by adopting AD’s unique teaching methodology ‘Accelerated Foundation Method’ used by more than 800+ students from 80+ Schools.

  • Have 4X more practice compared to their peers in school & be more confident handling the chemistry experiments.

  • Master the 6 Key Skills to ACE the Chemistry Practical lessons and conquer the 20% like an ‘A’ student

Here’re the 6 Key Skills that will be taught in AD



Sources of

Reporting of



Now your child can be exposed to ALL different types of practical exams that may appear during the national exam in AD such that they can leave the exam hall feeling more confident!

(For example, there are 5 types of experiments for Pure Chemistry and ALL will be covered in AD)

BTW, AD successfully spotted the practical questions in 2018 & 2019!)

Bonus #1

To receive AD Laboratory Publication on 'The AD Hidden Secrets in Chemistry Practical’ that top school students do not want you to know…

  • Avoid Common Mistakes Made By 90% Of Chemistry Students During Chemistry Practical
  • ‘Copy & Paste’ Template You Can Use For Sources Of Errors During Practical
  • Step-By-Step Guidance To Approach Qa Questions And Small Details Missed By Top Students!
  • Exact Answering Technique Required For Planning And Answering Explanations Question
  • 4 Key Pointers To Draw A Good Line/Graph In Exams And Why You Need To Master It To Ace Practical

(Only available for AD students and not for sale to public)

Finally, the reason why 800+ have achieved ‘A’ is because they did well in their practical.

And since the practical component is skill- based. Skills have to be developed over time not overnight. It requires time to acquire and master.

The faster your child starts the AD programme, the faster they can start developing the skills and be more confident in practical skills.

Hope to see you in AD Lab soon!

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